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Saturday, January 30, 2010 | 1:25 PM
SNSD Oh! || Back to top



Wednesday, March 18, 2009 | 2:54 PM
Tired || Back to top

Came home.... like two hours ago xP
But, I'm really tired, and in about couple of minutes, I have to go to my violin lessons. LOL.

Today, I had my Biology test! The multiple choice was okay. I think I did okay, same goes to the short anwsers. BUT... the vocabulary STUMPED me. I skipped so many questions -____-"

Oh oh oh! I quitted a TVB series last night.. didn't amuse me that much. It was Welcome to the House. I mean I like it, but it was kinda long for me. I'll watch it whenever I have time. So far, I'm watching Emergency Unit right now. ^-^

Updated my Portfolio. I don't have much graphics on it though and I gotta say, many people are much MORE talented than I am. I also updated my affies page, added PEIYI.
You see that banner up there? hehe.. it's WONDER GIRLS! :3

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009 | 7:05 PM
Biology || Back to top

Yup, it's biology. I'm currently learning biology right now in my class and I couldn't say it's hard, but it's not easy either. There's more stuff that you gotta memorize and learn. And tomorrow, is the "unit test" Hopefully, I can get a grade somewhere in the A- or B- range... and not around the "C" range.

Oh, and I'll reply to messages soon, I'm really tired [10:09 P.M.] right now so I want to get some sleep for tomorrow. I'm waking up at 5:00 to study some more and I forgot to do my Social Studies homework, so I need to get that done too. The more sleep I can get, the more I feel better and so I can be more awake. My parent's also say,"Your not getting enough sleep, that explains why your not listening in class and when your not listening in class, your grades drop!"

Ohhh... WTH?! I get 8 hours sleep... and I'm always attentive in class!
Pshhh.... not EVERYONE gets good grades!
Haha! Good Night, sleep tight.. xD
By the way, do you like the picture on top? I think it is very funny ^-^


Sunday, March 15, 2009 | 10:06 AM
E.U. Episode 19, 20 || Back to top

I just finished watching E.U. episode 20 and I thought it was really happy yet also sad, for Elanne and Ron. They are my favorite couples in the series. Elanne said,"In 2019, Little Princess and Prince Lucky Chung Lap are together at last" I thought that was sad. Elanne's going to wait for him for 10 years. T____T I don't think I can wait 10 years for someone.. IT'S TOO LONG.

Episode 19 was sad because Elanne was waiting for her "Lucky Prince" but she thought he didn't show up. And then, she saw Ron and she followed him but he ignored her.

In Episode 20, Elanne was like 99.9% sure that Ron is her "Lucky Prince" so she goes and confesses to him that she knows but Ron keeps on denying it. =.=" Ohhh.. I can tell he like her a lot.


Friday, March 13, 2009 | 6:21 PM
TVB Series, and Wonder Girls || Back to top

I'm currently watching Welcome to the House <高朋滿座> and it's I really enjoy watching it ^-^ My favorite character? I don't yet. I'm just STARTING to watch it. It makes me laugh as well as The Winter Melon Tale. It will take me a long time to finished The Winter Melon Tale. I'll watch that seried once in a while, to cheer me up on a sad day :P

Wonder Girls.. I'm obssessed over them. I especially love Sun Ye ^-^ She's so cute! I have their songs on my i-pod and I've been listening to their songs NONSTOP!

Here's my favorite song, "Wishing on a Star"

Here's "Friend"

Here's "Tears"

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Sunday, March 8, 2009 | 9:46 AM
Minutemen || Back to top

I was surfing around You Tube and I found a movie called Minutemen which is produced by Disney Channel. I'm not a fan of Disney, but I do like some of the Disney stars. But anyways, I saw this movie and I thought it was boring in the beginning but slowly, I found it pretty good towards the climax.

The Plot:
It's about three boys, Virgil Fox, Charlie Tuttle, and Zeke Thompson building a time machine. Virgil wants to go back in time and buy a winning Lottery ticket, but Charlie stops him. Eventually they decide to use the time machine to save teens from embarrassing moments, but things don't go according to plan. The school's vice principal tries to stop the "Snow Suit Guys" whom everyone knows them as until the end of the movie when their true identities are revealed briefly, before they time travel back to the point before they started time-traveling.

They were known as the "Snow Suit Guys" because of the snow suits and ski goggles they wore while time travelling to save others from humiliation. Most of their classmates saw them as heroes, but wonder how they knew when something was going to happen and prevent it. After they prevented Stephanie from falling off her cheerleader's pyramid, she figured out who the "Snow Suit Guys" were and confronted Virgil about it. Virgil confesses but mentions that they are actually Time Travelers and therefore call themselves the Minutemen.

Their actions have unintended side effects; for example, some of the kids they helped become popular and let it go to their heads. Worst of all, what Virgil and Zeke don't know is that Charlie hacked into NASA's mainframe and stole some time travelling files that NASA never used. The FBI has been watching them very closely. Because of all their time travelling a black hole was created. Only Virgil, Zeke and Charlie can save the world and close the hole by entering it.

Once they have entered the black hole, they are transported to their first day of high school. Virgil wants to stop himself from standing up for Charlie, but then he realizes that Derek didn't try to stop the bullies but actually suggested dressing them up as cheerleaders. Zeke and Charlie had already left, and he decided that the incident made him who he was, and without it they (Virgil, Zeke and Charlie) wouldn't have become friends.

\} There's a lot more, but I don't want to give any more spoilers since I already gave too much! I really like this whole "time traveling" idea. Disney's really creative to think of that ^o^ I really like the cast too. They did a great job in this movie. \}


Saturday, March 7, 2009 | 7:24 PM
Graphics - Jan thru Feb 09 || Back to top

During January and February, I've been messing around with Gimp lately and I can't really say my graphics improved. It's actually slowly declined. But anyways, here they are. I didn't do any graphics yet for March. But I won't will do some soon!

Photobucket { Original avatar BoA Photobucket { Edited avatars

Photobucket { Original avatar Photobucket { Edited avatar

Photobucket { Original avatar Photobucket { Edited avatar
As you can see, I have not done very much graphics huh?
Been busy with schoolwork, that's why =.="
I also have banners but they're not that good, I decided not to post it up